Sarma Brass Band is a traditional style Balkan brass band based in Boston, MA



Sarma Brass Band is a 10-piece Balkan Brass Band that evokes the energetic grooves and soaring melodies of the Balkan Roma. The band draws upon founder/leader Tano Brock’s upbringing in the Balkan music scene in Northern California, as well as his travels and studies throughout the Balkans. They play original material as well as a variety of traditional music from Macedonia, Serbia, Greece, and Albania. Featuring musicians from the US, Serbia, Turkey, and Palestine, Sarma Brass Band represents an international love of Balkan Brass. Their full and epic sound, consisting of groovy melodies and chest-thumping rhythms, will entice even the most shy listener to dance. 

It’s generally not a good idea to cram this many brass instruments into such a tiny space, but Sarma Brass Band is clearly having a ball, despite being (barely) contained in a small, cluttered classroom. The Boston-based group specializes in the rhythmically intricate music of the Balkans; here, they perform an original tune that features several flawlessly-executed changes in tempo. Brass bands are a dime a dozen in these parts, thanks largely to Somerville’s popular Honk! Festival of Activist Street Bands, but it’s rare to see one play with such effortless finesse.

— Amelia Mason



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