"San Francisco based world music band bringing an energetic, eclectic sound based on a diverse mix of cultural backgrounds. The energy delivered by Taraf de Locos is off the walls and we love the mix of sound and culture in their music."

"Taraf de Locos derives cultural relevance and power from the established Balkan and Latin music traditions of San Francisco’s Mission District and the larger Bay Area. Formed in 2014, Taraf came together through the intersection of diverse musical backgrounds, shared Mission community, and a love of Greek, Albanian, Turkish, New Orleans, Mexican, and Cuban music. The band has since recruited bassist Mireya Leon, released a debut album, and toured the U.S."  
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Founding members Tano Brock, Aya Safiya, Cecilia-Cassandra Peña-Govea, and Miguel Leon grew up together at a music camp in California. They spent their childhood summers surrounded by constant music - from Old Time & Bluegrass, to Flamenco, Greek, Mexican, Cuban, and more. They played together casually for years, but in 2014 they decided to make it official and form a proper band under the name "Taraf de Locos." The name fits perfectly as it is the meeting point between the group's most predominant genres. "Taraf" means "band" in Romanian (representing the Balkan styles of music), "Locos" means "crazies" in Spanish (representing the Latin styles of music), and "de" means "of" in both languages. They began by gigging in small music venues around the Bay Area, and gradually developed a local following.

In September of 2015, the album process began. The four Locos met frequently in Tano Brock's home studio brainstorming, arranging, and laying down tracks. The recording process took about 5 months, and finally in January the album was set for release. While the band was recording the album, they recruited bassists Mireya León to join the group.

Following their album release show in mid-January, Locos began planning a U.S. tour. They booked shows from San Diego to Santa Fe,  New Orleans, New York City and more. The band began their tour in Mid-March and played 15 shows across the country throughout the next month.

Once the tour was finished, the band took a hiatus while the 5 members traveled and went on to follow more personal goals. Taraf de Locos currently reunites once and a while, but they are unable to play with each other frequently as they no longer live in the same area.




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